About Vibrance

Vibrance offers a range of PR, media relations, content marketing and social media services customized to meet your business goals.

Our focus is helping healthy startups and thriving businesses who passionately believe they are changing their corners of the world to drop their unwanted invisibility cloaks and become leading voices in the industries they serve, even when the market is competitive, even if they feel like David against Goliath, or budgets are tight. With the Vibrance team you get the benefit of DAILY attention from senior level counselors who will eat, sleep and breathe your business.

The Vibrance Difference: Truth, Talent and Teamwork

Vibrance Delivers Integrity in Marketing, PR, and Communications

Truth-Tellers, Not Yes People

At Vibrance, we tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear, although it is always nice when those are one and the same.

It is our job to stand a little apart, and think like journalists or customers. If we don’t think a tactic is going to work, a news release you want to do has any news merit, or there is a better investment for your dollars, we will tell you. Ultimately, you are the client, and we will help you devise solutions to any communications challenge, but we are counselors, not implementers.

If that is a partnership you are looking for, we are your peeps. It’s this truth, trustworthiness and teamwork that keep our clients with us for years.

Senior Talent 24/7, Small Agency Passion, Every Day.

You’ve heard of the bait and switch in advertising? It happens in PR too. It’s no one’s fault… but the structure of big agency life demands it. Mid-size and global agencies will fly in their top people from all around the world for the pitch — We know this because we WERE those people.

The reality for those agencies is that once the account is won, most retainers simply don’t sustain the price tag of those smart execs paying attention to your business day in and day out, because they need to cover rent, the new marble table in the palatial conference room, or their plane tickets to the NEXT pitch they need to be on.

Instead, you get the 24-year-olds running your entire account every day, cutting their teeth on your business. Who loses? YOU.

With Vibrance, there is no marble conference table, (but we’ll rent it if you need us to). What you do get are those same powerfully equipped people you met in the pitch as integral members of your working team providing counsel and meaningful outcomes. We use your budget to provide great programs and results, not to wow the next client.

Meet Our Team

Complete Your Team and Make the Competition Sweat

The Vibrance team brings a unique mix of complete client immersion, (clients tell us we care about their companies as much as they do); senior level multidisciplinary communications counsel all the time; and a creative ability to suggest the best marketing or communication approach to meet your business goals.

We know time is tight, your staff is stretched to the breaking point, and the marketplaces you compete in can be crowded. Let us help you break out from the shadows and communicate your vibrance to the communities, media and niche markets who want to buy from you YESTERDAY, but don’t know it yet.

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