The Press Release is NOT Dead. Two Key Reasons Why.

are-press-releases-deadSomeone asked me a few days ago what I thought of this Hubspot piece titled, “Is It Finally Time to Bid Adieu to the Press Release?,”,
My answer was a massive eye-roll and an emphatic, “Shite.”  The article, by Dan Lyons, is actually fairly well-balanced, if you read it all the way through after the gratuitous headline. However, from my perspective, people have been discussing this for over a decade, but the reality is: A. Most exec teams at a company need a structure and forced exercise of prioritization to communicate well, and for real news, this format is still powerful. B. I have RARELY had an editor interested in a pitch who did not want more facts or a briefing materials before meeting my client or writing their own story. C. What needs to die are the following: Crappy press releases with no news value, and PR pitches to the wrong editors. See my blog post on that subject:

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