Vibrance Case Studies

Vibrance drives positive results for its clients in a variety of ways

Here are just a few campaigns:

Case Studies

iStock Company Launch

iStockPhoto Company Launch

DESIRED OUTCOMEBruce Livingstone

  • Create business press recognition of iStock’s crowdsourcing business model profiting both co mpany and contributor.


  • Leverage strategic news items, contributor “make a job from my hobbies” angles, from mailroom to CEO story and key explosive growth data.
  • Key partnerships strategically timed and touted.


  • 1 year, 300 original stories, thousands of reprints, Wired coins the term “crowdsourcing,” Time includes iStock in “Person of the Year” story, iStock featured in two books.
  • NYC press tour garnered 11 meetings, secured speaking engagements at “The Next Disruptors” and “Web 2.0”.
  • iStock still a benchmark in crowdsourcing.

iStock Global PR Management


  • Vibrant media and market presence for rapidly expanding international markets with few local examples or buyer case studies.


  • PR was main driver of brand building in international markets.
  • Main driver of retention and thought leadership in mature markets.
  • Vibrance hired teams and led active campaigns in: North America, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany (GLR), Turkey, Japan & Australia.


  • Economies of scale and cross-country efficiencies achieved through online tools and central management.
  • Created 13 global press releases, plus country specific news and events.
  • Top campaigns: FEAST, executive media tours, iStockalypse, how-to and small business article created in the U.S. but used in all countries, event media relations & country specific competitions led to more than 1 billion impressions worldwide.

Barista Bath and Body Company Launch

Barista Bath And Body


  • To successfully launch tiny startup Barista Bath and Body by garnering top tier coverage.


  • Introduce the brand at b2b beauty tradeshow Cosmo Prof (July).
  • Continue the momentum post event by pitching a variety of beauty/lifestyle/fashion/women focused/mommy bloggers, editors, and writers.
  • Offer product reviews and giveaways.
  • Leverage National Coffee Day for additional coverage.


  • 80 original stories, totaling over 200 million in reach.
  • Top tier coverage includes: Bon Appetit, Cosmopolitan, Southern Living,,,, Total Beauty and many more.

Launch of Mobile Publishing Pioneer in U.S.



  • Top tier coverage and develop brand awareness through speaking


  • Target outlets in publishing, creative, business, Mac
  • Create powerful bylines and viewpoint pieces
  • Secure sponsorships and speaking opportunities

OUTCOMES (6 month results)

  • 24 interviews, e.g., PaidContent, Econtent, Fast Company, Forbes, and iMonitor
  • 45+ stories & thousands of reprints, 150 million+ reach
  • Bylines & features of Mag+ in GD USA, E Content, Folio
  • Several speaking spots at key trade events


Creative Partnerships and Making News


  • Affiliate iStock with small business success.

**As a tool vendor it can be very hard to break through small business media, so Vibrance looks for beneficial partnerships that help your business capitalize on a good person’s credibility.


  • Survey initiative w/Biznik, a small business community
  • Drafted survey Qs, news release, media trained BizNik CEO
  • Satellite Media Tour (13 TV/ radio stations) w/Biznik CEO and key iStock artist monetizing his passion


  • News on 12 TV stations & 50 Web sites, e.g. SmallBizTrends, small business columnists, 4 million EVA.
  • Approximate total reach: 57,000,000 of that, about 2 Million solely focused on small business interests.
Message Matters Matrix at Work

Vibrance works with all long-term clients on a Message Matters Matrix or M3 for short. These are living documents, and as your business changes, we modify your messaging.

Recently Vibrance client Mag+ changed their business focus, so we revamped their messaging. The teamwork of the internal Mag+ team, from CEO to PR folks, with Vibrance was very collaborative and resulted in a powerful organization of key themes important to the company. We also organized strong statistical information to support the company’s success.

The M3 guided a trends feature that was pitched to leading industry publications and garnered several top stories with our ideal headlines and requests for the CEO to interview in wider industry profiles because we demonstrated a perspective well beyond the next Mag+ product and advised people instead about the success of their businesses.

Brand Identity

Inspirit BrandingVibrance guided the Center for Spiritual Living Orange County to a new set of core principles, regular marketing for their events and helped increase attendance over the course of three years.

In addition, the brand identity for the spiritual center was very outdated. The center was formed originally in tribute to the ministers’ daughter Tara, who died in a tragic car crash at age 15. Tara loved angels. Changing the name of CSLOC shortened many communications issues and gave vibrant life to the congregation within it.