Great PR and Content Marketing Starts with Great Messaging

Because There’s Zero Room for Monkey-Business Marketing Babble in Explaining Your Brilliance to the World

Money BusinessPotential clients often ask, “How much media coverage can you get me in 6 months?” I’m all for measurement, and like to give estimates.

But that Q starts in the middle of the book, in the “media relations” section of a good integrated content marketing, PR and social media strategy.

Great brand exposure starts with some heavy internal navel-gazing, using a magnifying glass held by people who think like skeptical customers or overworked reporters.

At Vibrance, we call this, “Setting the Communications Foundations.” You can download a copy of a checklist that will help you start that in the box to the right.

The biggest Q is: “What’s your story, and how many levels deep can you go?” If 10 other companies are doing what you do, what EXACTLY makes you the “it” company for all your chosen publics? Even the inventor of a great new app sometimes has trouble articulating this in a way that makes others care.

Equally as important as your differentiators, is the question of what urgency you bring to the table that makes your business compelling as news?

Do you have no news? That leads to another conversation on thought leadership, which we’ll cover in a later post.

What to consider when building your communications platform:
1. Take a research-based approach:

Get someone who isn’t drinking your Kool-Aid to review your brochures, materials and website, ask probing questions about your products, and even audit competitors’ messages, so you can better carve out your industry profile. Be willing to listen to counsel.

2. Create your umbrella:

Define and integrate your communications strategy using selling points and key statistics or anecdotes that set you apart from the crowd. Then ensure everyone in the company sings from the same song sheet. Learn more about the how Vibrance does this here.You want a clear and positive story arc, or several of them, that can work for you in many permutations from your blog, to interviews, to bylined articles. You want more than a mention that creates no impact, and a boring conversation that won’t compel editors to consult you again.

3. Every medium sends a message:

Once you’ve got that messaging nailed, are you consistent across all your communications vehicles? Website, Facebook, Twitter, brochures, ads? Good PR professionals help you to create a cohesive storyline.You hurt your image with a messy social media strategy. You might as well try to sell your home by sending potential buyers through it with socks on the floor, dirty walls and an unmade bed. It stops the sale cold. The same goes with today’s hyper-web-connected reporters and buyers, who visit your website or your social channels and say, “Huh?”

Agree, disagree? How is your messaging working for you?

Start the conversation in the comments!

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Kara Udziela created Vibrance in 2006 to unite big agency brainpower with small agency passion and help companies and entrepreneurs who are changing their corners of the world to explode off their web sites, polish their stories and finally get the recognition they deserve on national and international stages. Vibrance launched startups like the now global stock media powerhouse iStockphoto, growing its strategic communications campaigns across 10 countries.

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