PR, Marketing and SEO Working Together

Marketing, SEO, and PR TeamThe SEO, marketing and PR teams should be best friends at your organization.

Are they?

Like any best friends should, they help each other out, listen when it counts and make compromises when necessary.

If your SEO folks don’t know what media or event opportunities are coming your way, they can’t help strategize response, site placement. If marketing and PR don’t know the keywords you hope to rank for, there are untold lost opportunities!

For a great read on the ways PR helps SEO work harder, check out this article by Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner. I couldn’t agree with Cheryl more: The 15 Steps To ‘Power SEO’ (PR Is The New SEO).

For PR pros trying to keep abreast of keeping your news releases well search engine optimized, Bulldog Reporter has an on-demand webinar with some great speakers on the latest trends and musts regarding length, imagery, how your wire service should be syndicating but may not be, and more: SEO Press Releases On Demand

How do your teams work together? Tell us, in the comments!

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