Our Approach — How We Work

Total ImmersionTotal Immersion

We are conversation agents, multidisciplinary public relations and content marketing experts and creative thinkers with a myriad of tricks in our bag to help make your business visible and vital to your industry.

The Vibrance team brings a unique mix of complete client immersion, (clients tell us we care about their companies as much as they do), senior level multidisciplinary communications counsel all the time, and a creative ability to suggest the best marketing or communications approach to meet your business goals.

We call our strategic process, COLORS.

This approach brings structure to the communications arts and focuses our programs to best express the brilliance of our clients’ brands to their target markets.

The COLORS ProcessVibrance Colors Matrix

“90 percent of everything you read, see or hear in the media has been either pitched to an editor, or created by the brand mentioned themselves, as brand journalism or social media content.”

C. Competitive Research and Your Business Context. We take a deep dive research-based approach to learning your business and the competitive landscape in which you play. Drinking deeply from those wells allows us to create strategies that work.

O. Organize Smart Messaging — per product, per service, per audience. The Vibrance Message Matters Matrix (M3 for short) is both a process and a document that becomes your company differentiator, your stake in the ground, and your face to the world.

L. Lead with the right approach. A complex media world requires more than a news release, and although everyone wants a WSJ story, that may always not be your best investment. You need the RIGHT approach for accomplishing every business strategy or goal. We align tactics for you based on your business goals, budget and audiences. Those solutions usually include a mix of media relations, blogging, news creation, content marketing, social media multi-faceted creative programs, events and partnership recommendations.

O. Outstanding execution. We create outstanding content, programs and plans and execute passionately to get you great results.

R. Review and measurement. After each program we assess what worked, what didn’t, learn from it and adjust to maximize effectiveness going forward.

S. Finally as we continue working ongoing programs, we Seek New Opportunities in media, partnerships and market.

The Results: Get Recognized As The Leader You AreProven Results

The best thing about the COLORS approach is that it does have a true snowball effect.

Your communications programs will become more reactive than proactive, and soon you will be sifting through opportunities, not asking to be heard.

You will be a recognized leader in your industry, editors will write about you without you ever calling them anymore, and you will be doing interesting things with niche markets where your competitors haven’t gotten a foothold.

Instead of a “spray and pray” approach, you will be executing precise communications programs that reach the people dying to hear from you.