Research is Key To Great PR Strategy: An Intern’s Deep Dive

Siya Rajan

Siya Rajan, a junior at Chapman University in Orange, CA, learns how deeply strategy and research play into a solid PR plan at her internship at Vibrance PR in Orange County, Calif.

Today, we are featuring a post from Vibrance’s great new intern, Siya Rajan, a junior at Chapman University in Orange, California.  She has taken our Aliso Viejo, California  offices by storm. Siya is whip-smart, fun, and has a laugh that keeps us cheerful throughout the day. The majority of our clients are in tech, but that hasn’t scared Siya away. She is learning and growing every day. Her biggest insight, “You really have to do a lot of critical thinking about your client’s interests and needs and analyze the competitive space daily in order to track the right stories or help them to blog and respond more than I knew.”

From Siya: An Inside Look Into My Vibrance PR Internship

Public relations is a dynamic career varying from the entertainment industry to the technology industry. For my summer 2013 internship, I work here at Vibrance PR in Aliso Viejo, California, which is a tech-based PR agency. So far I can easily say that this has been the most productive and enriching experience. I am always eager to grow and explore new avenues and Vibrance PR has been the perfect environment for my pursuit in my chosen career path: PR. I ventured into this opportunity with very little knowledge of the tech industry, but indulged myself in conducting research for our clients and began to increase my knowledge in this field.

I share an office with my boss and owner of Vibrance PR, Kara, who is always teaching me new aspects about the career path that I have chosen. She wants me to grow and familiarize myself with this career and challenges my writing. I am continuously entrusted with social media work, coverage searches and media list gathering. I have been here only a month and have already heavily improved my researching skills and learned to strategically align my thinking  as to how to conduct efficient research.

To summarize, I am learning how to:

  • Master Cision for media research, editor and news media lists,
  • Carry out extensive Google news searches,
  • Curate articles for our clients to comment on,
  • Strategically post on social media

Along with work, I have developed a good relationship with Kara, and look up to her as my mentor. This internship will not be just another addition to my resume, but I will be taking back a lot of great, concrete experience which I can apply to my future jobs and be ahead of the game.


Great to have you, Siya! Thanks for all the hard work! Enjoy your off days at the beach! What else is Southern California for?

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Kara Udziela created Vibrance in 2006 to unite big agency brainpower with small agency passion and help companies and entrepreneurs who are changing their corners of the world to explode off their web sites, polish their stories and finally get the recognition they deserve on national and international stages. Vibrance launched startups like the now global stock media powerhouse iStockphoto, growing its strategic communications campaigns across 10 countries.

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