Research shows that SEO and converted blog traffic are directly related to high quality content combined with high-frequency engagement.

Blogging, Blog Writing, and Blog ManagementBut here’s the deal — being “inside” the company, your focus is torn, so the blog too often becomes an afterthought, or a pure “sell,” when the best blogging strategies generally take a 70 percent thought leadership and industry perspective/30 percent company messages approach.

Vibrance can help you:

  • Maintain an editorial calendar for your blog
  • Blog consistently, writing powerful and meaningful posts that up your game
  • Position you as a thought leader and gain you more readers

We’ll also help you keep our finger on the pulse of the major influencers in your industry, so a percentage of your posts can refer to their work. These influencers and your clients will appreciate that your blog informs and educates and speculates. This trust results in conversions.