Competitive Market Analysis

Are you thinking about adding a product or service, but it is currently a gleam in your innovative eye?

Competitive Market AnalysisOr have you been at this business for a few years, and you are doing well, but the competition just seems to be everywhere all of a sudden?

These are just two scenarios where moving beyond the “sense” that something is a good idea or that a competitor is gaining on you, to actual qualitative and quantitative research of what the market, the marketing and the social noise looks like can be very helpful in plotting your next move strategically.

Vibrance has conducted research like this for some of the biggest tech start-ups in the world—As you might imagine, they don’t want their competition knowing what they were doing, so we can’t name names…

These reports include:

  • A media audit going up to two years back
  • Analysis of web sites and social media reach
  • Known marketing activities
  • Product comparisons

The reports, and their components are customized based on your needs.