Media Relations

As former journalists and long-time publicists, the craft of media relations is second only to breathing to us.

Media RelationsWe have deep experience across a range of sectors from tech, marketing, publishing, design and pure consumer. What’s more, many of our tech clients have clients in sectors from sports to fashion and beyond, so you would be hard pressed to find a media sector we haven’t touched.

We not only prep to pitch your news of the day. We help you ferret out the cool feature stories within your organization, we monitor your press for stories to react to, and help you stay in the conversation.

  • Identifying target media and bloggers
  • Proactive story mining for features and profiles
  • Aggressive news pitching and reactive response
  • Scheduling and facilitating media interviews
  • Scheduling on-the-floor tradeshow briefings with journalists
  • Media coverage analysis

Budget allowing, we will use our unique qualitative and quantitative measurement system to track message pull through, and rank the success and importance of every article you are in.

We recommend that our larger clients in highly competitive markets also set budget aside for us to apply the same techniques to one to two of their major competitors, so you always know where you stand and can adjust your programs to real data, not squishy, “I think they are getting a lot of coverage,” musings from your colleagues.