Message Matters Matrix

A.K.A. What’s Your Story?

Story and MessagingMost of our clients come to us in complete message anarchy. The sales team is saying something different than the CEO, the marketing team has holes in their proof of success story, no one has kept a solid milestone timeline, and the web copy is all over the place, so customers are confused, editors find you sloppy, and conversions are low.

The Vibrance Message Matters Matrix (M3 for short), process defines your story and provides a complete framework for telling that story in a way that everyone in the company can use. This process requires deep thinking on your part as well as ours, and buy-in from senior management.

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! The end result makes everyone calm, and makes being a thought leader so much easier. The whole crew gets a message cheat sheet that defines:

  • Who Are You? — In a couple of sentences — not 5 paragraphs, and jargon-free, What does your company do, for whom, and why should we care?
  • Define the Problem — what’s the problem addressed, the market need or opportunity, or unmet user expectations?
  • You, the Solution — what is your company doing to meet that need, how does your service or technology do that?
  • Why You? — even if the entire market is your competition, how is your company different?
  • You, the Visionary — what, if anything, will change relative to customer expectations and/or market need in the next several years?
  • The Road Ahead — what does the product/service roadmap look like?