Partnership and Brand Evangelist Programs

Vibrance Makes Connections That Make Good Sense

Partnership and Brand Evangelist ProgramsGreat partners and evangelists can help raise exposure through shared audiences.

Great evangelists are already speaking regularly in your industry. If you can leverage their experience and in-demand status, instead of being the “vendor” applying for a speaking engagement, you win.

Vibrance has run many evangelist programs, assembled advisory groups for companies willing to listen to feedback, and identified partners and potential evangelists that can help make news for our clients. We will research the movers and shakers in your industry and recommend programs, possibilities, and savvy agreements that benefit you both.

For example — Let’s say you have a product or service that appeals to female entrepreneurs.

There are at least 10 powerful coaches for women entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses, speaking all over the world. They might have FB pages with 110,000+ followers. With an exchange of product and service, one of those coaches might be willing to include you in their events, make special offers on their Facebook page and more.